War Figs

The yaruk stampede pushes the heroes deeper into the dangerous depths of the Castrovelian jungle!

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bork bork

Swedish Christmas comes ones a year on January 17th. People stand in the town square drinking fermented onion beverages and complain about how cold it is. Then at the stroke of noon. Saint “Incomprehensible Gibberish” appears atop the towns clock tower and begins pelting onlookers with gifts of itchy wool socks and Lutefisk.


Trick attack is a full round action. You can’t guarded step and trick attack.


Poison damage deals “HP damage” not “damage”. Whether you pass your save or not, poison damage bypasses your stamina. Super deadly.


Jurassic Park?


For the chase sequence, if you perform more than one action per turn, I ruled that you need to proclaim that before you roll and the penalty is on all of your rolls… otherwise why *wouldn’t* you take the extra action?

Andrew bowman

So what Matthew was saying.

Kyle Ashcraft

Are those godzilla roars from syrinscape or did the guys add those in?