Welcome Back, Slaughter

After stone-shaping into the strange temple deep within Skirgaard, the party comes face to face with a terrifying creature and an old friend.

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This encounter is bananas. The Tomb Giant alone is CR12… and then Troy adds in [SPOILER]?!?! Yikes.


I’m screaming at the radio: YOUR OTHER FAVOURED ENEMY IS UNDEAD!


Uhhh I’m sorry what, he rolls a 5 but gets 22? This mofo has/had a +17 to hit? ‘,:l


Not that hard for a combat focused character at level 10~ish.


I am so bummed now that I am caught up on episodes that I have to wait each week for the next one…

Tyrion T

I’m still waaay back on ep 11, but I too will share this buyers remorse one day.

Karl Crpss

I am still way back, I don’t know what their current episode is. Found them on youtube doing the pathfinder 2.0 playtest and stated watching…. I go through 3 or 4 episodes a day. I am enjoying it

Karl Cross

On my 2nd time through all these episodes.


Jumped into the podcast late – what was the Undead character’s class and level before he died? Sounds like an aberrant bloodrager but one can’t be sure


I think he was level 7 and aberrant bloodrager is right – he was from episode 100 if you want to check


Oh dear Troy looks like you’ll be posting a “We are stupid”. On the melee attacks the enemy was causing energy drain but the character sheet doesn’t state a DC next to the attacks. However if you look in the special attacks section you’ll find the description for energy drain which says (1 level, DC X). Cat Benetar should have got fortitude saves for all those negative levels. Aside from that great episode lads.