What Death Has in Stores

The crew arrives on Eox, freshly leveled and ready to shop!

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i was super looking forward to this bit of the campaign, just for the NPC stuff, but i never imagined that Troy would turn it into The Nightmare Before Christmas


I think Paizo made it that when they made Eox, AKA HALLOWEEN PLANET! 😀

Ben Bartolone

Guys, this is getting weird.

It isn’t that I bought my newest running shoes from the Modell’s on Steinway. You’d better believe I tried to haggle because, you know, Steinway.

It’s that I was a California Raisin for Halloween at age 7.

Always keepin’ it cool here.


Great pod! Lot of fun RP.


I love Eox. Its a shame the AP doesn’t include “The Halls of the Living.”


I think that’s supposed to be mostly secret.


No, the Halls of the Living are very much a public thing and one of my favorite parts of Eox. It’s mentioned on Castrovel, the sniper had some productionson her datapad from Zo!, who runs the Halls of the Living. It’s basically a Reality TV show where humiliating and violent game shows run around the clock. The living inside sign up to get rich quick… if they can survive!

So rad.


i knew Troy was going to have a field day with this part of the AP. hadn’t thought of Eox as Tim Burton-esque, but yup, that’s what it is.


Forget about death. This title is giving me LIFE, gurl