Worm Warfare

The battle with the blacksmith giants on the frozen pond awakens the secret source of the forge’s heat below.

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You gotta pay the troll toll to get into that wolf’s hole.


Troy should get to take away bottlecaps when the guys conveniently fail to mention important details from their spells, like the second paragraph of Wall of Fire where the winter wolf could have easily dispelled sections of the wall with its frost breath. C’mon Joe, the GM can’t be expected to know every detail of every spell in existence.


I’m posting this here in hopes that it gets to the GCP crew, without throwing fuel on the “Baldric fire” in the subreddit. ~~~Herolab didn’t glitch because of the mutliclassing; it has just interpreted the rule differently than Troy has.~~~ Grant getting the Bane ability on his character sheet wasn’t a glitch. It seems that Lone Wolf Development has interpreted the rule to say that it increases the Inquisitor’s level by 5 and adjusts their Bane accordingly because an Inquisitor 1 given the Baldric is able to use the Bane ability for 6 rounds. It seems like this item’s description… Read more »


I thought Paizo has said in a FAQ somewhere that you don’t count as having a class feature until you get access to it, but I could just be propagating a myth, and the site has been down for days so who knows. I haven’t tried this myself, but are we sure that Herolab isn’t giving the bane ability due to the gunslinger levels, which qualify for the non-inquisitor portion of the description? For me, I would give the initial bane ability (no matter the class) and then only let it heighten bane levels once you hit the Inquisitor 5… Read more »